Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know

103: Manifesting Abundance: Believing in Your Dreams and Harnessing the Power of Spiritual Sh*t

March 30, 2023
Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know
103: Manifesting Abundance: Believing in Your Dreams and Harnessing the Power of Spiritual Sh*t
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In this episode, I share the importance of believing in your dreams and how the classic Disney movie, Cinderella, inspired me during a difficult time in my life.

By incorporating a spiritual routine, such as listening to Abraham Hicks rampages, reading books, and using Oracle and Tarot cards, I've been able to maintain a positive mindset and attract the abundance I desire.

I discuss how the song "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" served as a powerful reminder to keep believing in my dreams, no matter how much my heart may be grieving.

I also delve into the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and seeking inspiration from various sources to manifest our desires.

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Rejys Cowan is a spiritual life coach, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and the host of Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know Podcast.

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0:00:01 Intro
Welcome to spiritual shit you need to know. A lifestyle podcast for millennial women, light workers, and spiritual badasses, Who are waking up, ready to tap into their powers and own it like a true boss. I'm your host, Rejys Cowan, spiritual entrepreneur and life coach. And my passion is helping women like you, get out of your own way and step your mindset game up. Are you a spiritual woman who's questioning her life, wanting more meaning and purpose? And you're ready to live your most amazing life, then this is the place for you. Your time is now. Let's get to it. 

Okay. Welcome back everybody. It's Sunday. It's my self care Sunday.

So today, I decided to get up and literally just lounge around in my robe, still have my bonnet on. And like normal, I like to get up and just take my time, listen to my affirmations, I love listening to now the Abraham Hicks rampages that are on YouTube. I'll put the link in the show notes if you would like to listen to it. But there's a series of rampages on this YouTube channel that I've been listening to, and so it's kinda been like my morning mindset ritual. So I just listen to it while I get ready for the day or while I'm making my morning coffee or tea or whatever. And it's really, really been helping. And the crazy thing is there's like forty three videos, so I just kinda put them on shuffle and let them play. And whatever message comes to me from each of these videos or these rampages, I just kinda take it and go with it and know that this is the message I need to receive today. And so I've listened to these videos so many different times. I get different messages. Every time I listen to them, so I definitely wanna share that with you. But today specifically, like I said, is my self care Sunday. I'm being lazy. I usually go out and sit on my porch and I get my journal or my notebook and write my affirmations out while I'm listening to these Abraham Hicks rampages and just kinda taking in the day, setting the tone. This has been part of my new ritual. And so while I was sitting there, I think I got up to go make some coffee or to take my cup back in the house or something, And somehow, the movie Cinderella popped into my head.

It might have been a song or something I read while I was walking around the house and somehow Cinderella popped into my mind. And I thought about, maybe I watched something on Disney today. You know, it's a chill day, whatever. Right? So again, the point of this that I'm getting to is, you know, spirit and your spirit team and your guide. Sometimes they'll lead you two different things. And so just listen to it. Follow it, you know, go with the flow wherever it leads you. So I started thinking about this movie.

Cinderella is like one of my favorite movies of all time from Disney. I think I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid, you know, back in the day when you couldn't we didn't have DVDs and stuff, and I don't even know if this was even on video at the time, but My grandma used to record shows when they came on TV. Most of our grandmoms or our unites used to, you know, pop in the VHS and hit record. And so whenever Cinderella came on TV, I was like, you have got to record this grandma. So I remember I used to watch this VHS that she recorded on TV all the time. And I think my family members and my sister, my cousins were like, yo, can we watch another damn movie? Because you watch Cinderella all the time. Okay.

I'm a helpless romantic. I believe in fantasy and fairy tales. Like, I just always have. Like, seeing something magical happen before your eyes. That's always been a thing for me. So Cinderella is like one of my ultimate favorite Disney movies, and I hadn't watched it in so long, especially as an adult. So I was like, you know what? Let me turn this on and let me see what my adult experience is gonna be while I'm watching this movie. Because there are things that you see as a child versus things that you see, you know, as an adult and just paying attention to, like, all the little details and the words they're using and how things are set up. You know, you'll pay attention to, like, all that stuff in your key. You just see the magic happening and and that's it, which is good. Because as adults, we need to bring the magic back into our lives. Right? So I remember either looking on Instagram or something and hearing the word love, and I thought about the audio.

So this is love. You know the song. And so they kept popping into my head. And so I was like, oh, let me watch the Cinderella movie. So I turned it on while I'm making me some food. And I'm like, I'm gonna sit here in my robe and my bonnet and turn I'm gonna turn on Cinderella and sit here and, like, watch and dream and be in that magical moment. Of, you know, watching this movie. And I just had this whole good feeling, you know, kind of flushed over me of, like, your abundance is coming, your love is coming, happiness, like all of this, like the magic, believe in the magic don't give up.

And so thinking about that as I was watching the movie, you know, when the movie first starts, the first song she starts singing is a dream is a wish that your heart makes. And so immediately, I thought I gotta post this online. So I created a little reel and a quote because that's what it is. A dream. A dream is a wish that your heart makes. So I thought about that I posted it to hopefully give, you know, my audience, give y'all some inspiration. But the main thing that I got out of that a song after really listening to the words. It's like, subconsciously, I know the words and I know the song, but I hadn't heard it in so long. I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. And the one part that stood out the most, and I was like, oh, this is spirit. This is my team. These are my angels. Like, we're trying to get a message over to you because The past few weeks for me have been kind of up and down with my dating life and relationships, and I've just been thinking like, when is all of this going to shift?

Now, granted, I'm not in this place where I feel like I'm hopeless and nothing's gonna change and nothing's happening because I do feel the energy shifting and I do feel things changing. And I know a big part of that comes from being consistent, believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and constantly taking that in inspired action no matter what. So even when I feel like shit, I continue to press on, I continue to take those inspired actions, and some days do feel worse than others, but just to keep pressing on and keep believing in your dream and what you wanna manifest and know that it's gonna show up. Even though we lose our patience sometimes and get attitudes, because I know I do all the time. But I just know that this message for me, because I have been somewhat in a grieving process was the last line of the song that says no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true.

And I think when I heard that line, it was just like something washed over me. I wanted to cry. You know, and and crying, it was more so a feeling of, like, relief. Like, yes. You get it. You understand me. I have been in a grieving space. I have been in a space of, like, when does this dark period or this period of nothing happening in my life end? And I think that was the quote of the song that I really needed to hear. No matter how your heart is grieving because God knows I have been If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. So for anybody out there, for you that's listening if you have a dream or something you wanna manifest in your life or if you're like me, you feel like you're in this in between space where your life is not bad, but not great, and you're doing your best to keep pushing on and to keep pressing on and to keep believing in your dream. This message is for you also to keep on believing in that dream. Like, it doesn't matter how much you're grieving, how much heartache you're going through, how much pain you've been through, that a shift can happen for you, a change can happen, just don't give up on the dream. So go Watch Cinderella if you need to. If you got Disney Plus, you can watch it there immediately. Get on YouTube, listen to the song, just type in Cinderella, a dream as a wish if you need to for that extra inspiration. I hope this inspired you.

This was a quick little podcast or message that I wanted to put out there because I felt like I just really needed that and I'm glad that this energy showed up for me today on this Sunday and it really gives me hope. I have been receiving a lot of messages from Spirit just from me listening to Abraham Hicks reading my books, doing my own self care, doing my spiritual work, that my abundance is coming. I've received messages from my Oracle cards, my tarot cards. So it's good to have a spiritual routine because it really does set your mind and, you know, thoughts or things. To attract what you really want. Law of attraction is real. So I've been doing my mindset work daily, and again, some days are easier than others, but I continue to do it no matter what. Because I know the payoff is gonna be great. So I hope this message inspired you today. Go be great. Do your spiritual work.

If you have not joined the mastermind group, what are you waiting for? This is my whole reason of having this group because I wanna connect with you and I wanna be able to inspire you and to you be able to inspire me because, you know, this is this is a team effort thing. We're all cocreators We have to work together. We help each other. We inspire each other. My spiritual besties, as I say, are people who I've met in the spiritual community. We really talk like every day and we lift each other up and we check-in with each other.

How are you doing today? What's your vibe today? What's going on in your life? You know, send me an inspirational video or quote or message or picture or something to help me get out of this, you know, mindset because I want to attract certain things into my life and I want them to manifest. So, the links are in the show notes, check out my mastermind group, We're on Patreon now, and I hope to talk to you soon and for you to manifest. Great things. 

Thanks for listening to spiritual shit. You need to know the podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or your favorite app. Join me and my spiritual community and my spiritual shit mastermind group. Here, you'll get to connect with me and our like minded tribe get access to bonus episodes and content as well as exclusive events and trainings. For more spiritual shit and updates, follow me on Instagram @spiritualshitpodcast as well as @yogawithrejys.

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