Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know

074: Change Your Life Through Numerology with Novalee Wilder

April 06, 2021
Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know
074: Change Your Life Through Numerology with Novalee Wilder
Show Notes

Can numbers really show you your gifts, challenges, and deeper purpose? Could your name be holding you back from living your best life? Novalee is a professional numerologist and knows all about how to use your personal numbers to attract the life you're meant to have. Tune in!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What numerology is 
  • How numbers affect your life and purpose
  • How to attract and manifest with your personal numbers

Novalee Wilder is a Danish actress and artist turned professional numerologist and writer living in Los Angeles.  She is the author of A Little Bit of Numerology, host of The Numerology Podcast, and founder of The Numerology School. By taking a bold leap and changing her name, she has cleared out many blockages in her life and now wants to help you do the same.  She now offers 1:1 name change sessions, mentorship, training, and more. 
Connect with Novalee:

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Website:  www.novaleewilder.com
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/novaleewilder
Facebook: www.facebook.com/novaleenumerology

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