Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know

075: Get Your Guy with Anwar White

April 13, 2021
Spiritual Sh*t You Need To Know
075: Get Your Guy with Anwar White
Show Notes

Are you finally ready to step it up and "Get Your Guy?" Are you the one holding yourself back? Tune in to this episode with dating and relationship coach, Anwar White, as we chat about how to get unstuck in your love life.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to heal your heart and do the work
  • Making healthy boundaries
  • How to put yourself out there and start dating!

Anwar White is the Founder of the Get Your Guy coaching program. He is a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach who has helped thousands of smart and successful women heal their hearts, date effectively, and get their guy! When he isn't getting his clients or "his sisters'" dating like crazy and having a ton of fun while doing it, he is watching reality TV with his partner, teaching his three kids violin, and trying to keep his California body warm in Montreal. He believes that everyone deserves love and it is his mission to help provide that for his clients! Anwar is the host of the Get Your Guy podcast.

Connect with Anwar:

Free Consultation:

Website: www.getyourguycoaching.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/getyourguy_coaching/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/getyourguycoaching
Podcast: Get Your Guy Coaching Podcast

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